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News:  Tax Free in Poland

Tax Free is a legal action allowing you to get a full or partial tax refund from goods bought abroad. Current regulations say that if you wish to transport the goods you bought in European Union thought the border, you have a right to solicit for your tax to be refunded. To do that you need to submit all documents necessary.

Depending on the price of bought goods (min. 200PLN in Poland) you can solicit for getting from 5% to 20% tax refund.

After submiting documents all necessary you need  to fill in a form before crossing the Poland-Ukraine border. Customs officer will ask you to show the goods, a proof of purchase and your pasport.

Registration of Tax Free documents at the border crossing point takes from 15 minutes to even a few hours (depends on how long the line is). If you travel by coach the extra time spent at the border point is an additional burden for you carrier, and you will be charged with any additional costs that are not included in you ticket. The driver is also not obligated to wait for passengers stuck at the border point.

Passengers, when choosing to travel with us, who  are planning on transporting their goods thought the border are asked to inform our company about it while booking their ticket. This way we can save our valuable time while crossing the border and minimize discomfort on deck.  It is obligatory to let us know that you will be submiting Tax Free documents, you can do that by calling our helpline: +38 066 522 55 11 (Ukrainian helpline), +48 66 522 55 11 (Polish helpline).
‘Naszbus’ thanks you for being understanding and for choosing to travel with us. ‘Naszbus’ ensures the highest comfort of travel!

Created date : 2018-02-02
Added by: Nashbus

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